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Sep. 8th, 2018 02:44 am
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video games

wellarmed | final fantasy series
laguna loire
crampstyle | final fantasy viii
aeontheprize | final fantasy x
yuna, again
faythnomore | final fantasy x-2
noctis lucis caelum
surgit | final fantasy xv
rip van noctis
rexabcrystallo | final fantasy xv
gladiolus amicitia
ultimateflavorexperience | final fantasy xv
hullabulu | pokemon
hank mccoy
professorlionface | marvel-616
pre-fur hank
yaoihands | marvel-616
david alleyne
xpostate | marvel-616
alex wilder
hellisforchildren | marvel-616
vic sage
nottheanswers | dc comics
kanaya maryam
glowsferatu | homestuck
irisviel von einzbern
goblet | fate/zero
terrot | toward the terra
code by [community profile] vuvuzela
headers swiped from [personal profile] transilience
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if there's one you want, just comment below or send me a pm and we can get it worked out. any nature available on request. egg moves are negotiable, but ivs are what they are. pokerus also available on request.
my fc is 3582-9788-7746, trainer name is Chandri. all pokemon will be received at level 1 unless otherwise stated.

just as a bonus, my friend safari is Dark type, with Vullaby, Crawdaunt, and Sableye!

pokemon under cut )
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mostly kanaya and davesprite, but there's some rose, jade, arquiussprite, aradia, sollux, feferi, gamzee, and jake in there too

70 )
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[53] physis - toward the terra
[21] miriam blaylock - the hunger

here we have my first ever attempts to icon from both anime and live action! i've still got hundreds more screencaps of physis if i ever feel like i need to make more of these, since i kinda went overboard with getting every frame she appeared in. the miriam icons were made from caps by [livejournal.com profile] peppermintxrose, available here

74 )
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so recently i came to the conclusion that all of my old hank icons were shit and it was imperative that i completely remake them because i'm a lot better at making icons than i was when i first made them like three years ago (mspaint what was i thinking).

also some i made from x-men: season one

101 )
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i felt weird just making kanaya all the time even though that's mostly what i use so i decided to switch it up a bit.

[51] kanaya
[21] diamonds droog
[13] aradia
[11] nepeta
[7] rose
[7] davesprite, or birds pretending to be him
[6] karkat
there are also a couple feferi, terezi, john, jade, tavros, equius, and eridan

125 )
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i was trying to clear out some backlog so i decided to make icons. the rest are just unposted from...whenever i last posted kanaya icons. it's kind of a lot. some already on [personal profile] glowsferatu, others i never bothered uploading, and some i just made tonight.

art credit's at the bottom, and i would please encourage you to credit the artists if you use any of these. if you wanna credit me too, [personal profile] kingrockwell or [personal profile] glowsferatu will do.

art by [deviantart.com profile] hahahero

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these are kind of old and i don't know if they're really any good anymore but eh it's what i have

39 )
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rose lalonde [5]
dave strider [5]
diamonds droog [20]

30 icons )
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some of these are from really terrible scans, i should find better to remake sometime

90 )
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since i'm putting up icons i might as well repost some old ones so i don't have to go to lj anymore

76 )
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i made these and don't feel like uploading all of them to her account right now so i'm dumping them here
also hi flist how you been

55 plus some variants )


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